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I LOVE holidays and traveling. There’s nothing I find better than exploring somewhere new, relaxing and switching off from the rest of the world. However, I’ve always found during and after flying I often get so bloated and feel quite unwell. Over the years, the only method I’ve found to reduce this problem is to prepare in advance of traveling so that I am well prepared during my flight and I have lots of healthy goodies at the other end of my flight. I know it’s not the most exciting option but I like to ensure I feel good during my travels and I don’t have the worry of having to eat foods that don’t agree with me.

The first thing I pack is some healthy gluten free bread,  I usually make up a sandwich for the flight and ensure I have bread packed then I can make whatever I like at my destination if I am struggling to find something to eat.

I like to stay hydrated during my flight so I ensure I buy plenty of water for the flight. I like to keep my skin hydrated too as  I find it dries out with the air conditioning on board, so I pack some coconut oil with me to put on (it smells so yummy!). It’s also an awesome lip balm too!

So that I don’t go hungry and end up eating rubbish food, I pack lots of snacks with me. These usually consist of lots and nuts and seeds, some chocolate orange bliss balls (recipe in link). I tend to make lots of these so I can take them and snack on them throughout the holiday.

Lastly,  I think it is important to remain calm and relaxed throughout my flight (anxiety only escalates my health issues!) therefore, I usually have my headspace app nearby for when I need to use it, read a good book or take a mindfulness colouring book with me.

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9 thoughts on “Travelling the healthy way

  1. Stressed Baker says:

    Loved this post .. as I’m getting ready to travel soon and need to prepare food wise so I don’t get ill on my multiple leg journey … oh boy.
    Hopefully, I don’t get too stressed and I hope I eat well along the way.


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