FODMAP Friendly Bone Broth

So I figured if I’m going to be making my own sauces and soup etc I’m going to need a FODMAP friendly stock. So after cooking a whole chicken the other night I decided to use the carcass to make a bone broth.

Chicken carcass
2 carrots (not peeled)
2 Celery sticks (with or without leaves)
Some dried herbs, I used Oregano and parsley
2 bay leaves
A few black peppercorns
Salt to season

I put all of the ingredients in my slow cooker, covered with water and cooked on low overnight.

Once the bone broth had cooked I sieved it through a strainer and disposed of the carcass, veg etc.

I’ve divided it up into containers and have put into the freezer so that I can use it when I please as a stock for different dishes.


ST x

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