Chicken Noodle Soup

So after making my bone broth I decided to make a tasty meal out of it. Ingredients Chicken (I used leftover chicken from my slow cooked chicken) 1 Cup Bone Broth 1 Cup Water Rice Noodles 3cm piece of Ginger (Chopped) 1Tbsp Tamari Gluten Free […]

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FODMAP Friendly Bone Broth

So I figured if I’m going to be making my own sauces and soup etc I’m going to need a FODMAP friendly stock. So after cooking a whole chicken the other night I decided to use the carcass to make a bone broth. Ingredients Chicken […]

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Rice Pudding with Raspberry Jam

So yesterday I started my FODMAP diet fully. One of my favourite things to eat is rice pudding, so I decided to start my first day on a high and create a low FODMAP version. It was delicious!! Ingredients 1 litre almond milk 200g of […]

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