Quinoa Pop Slices

I have completely abandoned my blog recently – mainly due to the fact I have changed jobs and I’ve been so busy concentrating on that. But I’m back and I have an exciting low FODMAP recipe to share with you all! My new job involves […]

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Homemade hazelnut milk

Most mornings I have some sort of nut milk with my breakfast, whether it’s over some granola, added to a smoothie, in my porridge, or even just to drink. I usually buy cartons of nut milk. However, the other morning I read the carton and […]

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5 ways to deal with a flare up

It is inevitable that you are going to have flare ups every now and again. Yes, they suck, but it’s part of what comes with this condition. Over time, I’ve learned that how you deal with them makes a huge difference in helping to cope […]

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