YuYu Water Bottle – For Chronic Pain

So the timing of this post probably isn’t the best considering it’s summer. However, I cannot recommend this product enough. I use my YuYu as a hot water bottle, when I’m suffering from a flare up. I had never heard of it until it was gifted to me, and I am absolutely delighted with it.

The YuYu is basically a long water bottle (81cm), it can be used hot or cold and is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable and fair-trade rubber. My YuYu is covered in a lovely fleece which I love as it is SO soft and it comes with a strap so you can tie it, if you decide to wrap it round your body. It’s great for when you’re experiencing a flare up! I also suffer from back pain now and again, so it’s really helpful for that too. The YuYu also comes in Cashmere, YuYu Print and Liberty London print.

YuYu Bottle
On their website, they claim that the water bottle stays hotter for longer, and I really think it does. I find my YuYu really comforting and so much nicer that your bog standard hot water bottle. So much so, I decided to gift one to my friend who suffers from Endometriosis. I also find it really fab for helping with discomfort during that time of the month (one for the ladies out there).

I’ve not been asked or paid to do this post, I had genuinely never heard of it until I was given it as a gift, and it was probably one of the best gifts I’ve received in terms of providing comfort to me when I really need it. It would be a great present for someone who is suffering from chronic pain or anyone who might appreciate it.

You can buy them at the below link:

YuYu Bottle




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