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The Wee Foddie - About Me

I’m Sarah aka The Wee Foddie – A Scottish lass following the FODMAP Diet.

At the age of 19 my digestive health took a massive turn for the worse. I was suffering from severe upset stomachs, causing me to become housebound. I had no idea idea what was wrong with me and I soon fell into a vicious cycle battling with my health and emotions.

After going through many, many tests, to rule out every other possibility, I was eventually diagnosed with IBS. I tried everything to help me get some normality back in my life – I stripped my diet right back to gluten free, dairy free and sugar free which did help my symptoms a little but I still had a lot of problems. When I’d just about given up hope a dietitian friend suggested I try out the low-FODMAP diet. This was something I had never really heard of. Through the support of a dietitian, I begun to follow this diet and found significant improvements with my IBS. Since then I haven’t looked back. By no means this is a cure for IBS but for me it has helped control my symptoms, form a better relationship with food and given me some confidence back in my life.

My aim is to share some yummy low FODMAP recipes and share some lifestyle tips on how I manage and cope with my IBS. For me using this blog has also given me the opportunity to discover lots of inspiring low-FODMAP foods and interact with lots of lovely fellow FODMAPpers 🙂

Contact : theweefoddie@gmail.com

Disclaimer : Everyone is different and this a diet that helped reduce my symptoms. The information and advice on my website is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals or be a substitute for medical advice. Speak to your doctor and/or dietician in the first instance.




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