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I’m sure you all know if you suffer with IBS or have dietary requirements, travelling, be it a long weekend away, or a holiday abroad can be a tricky. I always have to prepare in advance with snacks so that I know I can eat ‘safe’ food without worrying about having a reaction. This is where Balanced Tourist comes in.

If you’re anything like me, I’m always running around like a mad woman trying to get things closed out at work. I’m always last minute shopping, getting those essential beauty treatments and frantically last minute packing. Yes, I know, I need to work on this! Added stress before a trip isn’t exactly good for anyone’s IBS.

Balanced Tourist

I was delighted to stumble upon Balance Tourist on Instagram. This concept has been created by an IBS sufferer who loves to travel and understands the difficulties of tracking down healthy, allergen free foods on the go. Balanced Tourist created an aesthetically pleasing box (that’s made from recyclable materials, contains no bleaches or acids and can fit through a standard size letterbox) full of single serve sachets of sweet and savoury healthy and nourishing snacks and drinks (such as teabags and hydration drinks). There’s even a sachet of coconut oil in there – now you definitely can’t go wrong with that!

All of these products are under 100ml so your really can take them anywhere!

Balanced Tourist
Contents of Balanced Tourist Box

All products are gluten free, dairy free and vegan, they are also FODMAP Friendly (please note, they have not been FODMAP certified but on reviewing the ingredients, they are safe). What more can you ask for?! So, I took it upon myself to try out the products and pass on my thoughts to you guys…

1. Chia Seeds – Organic Banana Cream Pie Chia Pudding Mindfuel

This is a great convenient concept and is super healthy and nutritious. You simply empty the sachet into a bowl and fill up the sachet with hot or cold water to level marked and then mix in to the contents. I wasn’t a massive fan of the flavour and found it quite an acquired taste. However, I would say this is just personal preference and would happily try out some of their other flavours.

2. Coconut Oil – Pure extra virgin, Fairtrade, cold pressed and organic Coco Zumi

To me, you can’t go wrong with some coconut oil for cooking while you’re away or I even use it as a moisturiser at night, and having it in this is a handy sachet is even better.

3. Energy Bar – Banana Bread Gluten Free Protein Flapjack Trek

I regularly snack on the Trek protein flapjacks, so this was a no brainer for me.

4. Essential Oil – Energy Tisserand

I was pleasantly surprised by this addition to the box. I’m a sucker for essential oils, and this one smells lovely and it is a great energy boosting oil which I’m sure most of us require while travelling.

5. Flaxseed – Organic and Cold Milled Linwoods

I own a large packet of this and often add it to my porridge or breakfast in the morning so this is really handy to have as a travel size portion. Great for a little energy boost!

6. Hydration – Happiness Conscious Water

I had never tried this before; it’s a 100% natural flower essence water enhancer that, when added to water makes a delicious drink. It contains only natural flavourings. The Happiness sachet contains a hint of dragon-fruit and strawberry flavour; it added a lovely taste to my water. I would be happy to see more flavour options added to the box

7. Matcha Green Tea Organic  Teapigs

Another great addition to the box if you’re a Matcha lover, this sample came in a really handy stir in sachet.

8. Nuts – Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds ClearSpringThese were delicious and I always carry nuts on me as a filling and healthy snack. Yum yum!

9. Oats – Gluten Free Nairns

The box contained a handy travel sized pack of porridge oats, to which I added the peanut butter listed below. My favourite…

10. Peanut Butter Pip and Nut

It would be rude not to carry some of my favourite peanut butter around with me. This came in a handy travel sachet.

11. Peppermints Organic Biona

I had never tried these before and they were a welcomed addition to the box, especially when you want to freshen up after a long journey.

12. Savoury Snack – Corn Love Corn

Again, I had never tried these before and I absolutely loved them!

13. Seeds – Omega 7 Seed Toasted Blend Munchyseeds

These were lovely to munch on, and knowing I was getting some goodness without the worry of reacting.

14. Superfood Powder – Organic Greens Blend Naturya

I’m not usually one for superfood powders; however I might be converted after trying this one out.

15. Sweet Snack – Coconut Jerky Mighty Bee

Officially a new favourite snack of mine! The box contained a lovely chocolate hazelnut flavour. I would definitely look into buying these again!

16. Teabags – Boost and Immunitea T plus Drinks

I ALWAYS pack tea bags with me wherever I travel and these were really lovely. I received the Orange & Blueberry Green Tea and Raspberry and Pomegranate Green tea – both made a lovely cuppa!

I’m really delighted I came across this product and will definitely be ordering again and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It allowed me to try out new products and going forward, it will save me time before travelling and takes the pressure of having to prepare beforehand. It comes in at a very reasonable £22!! You can shop here.

Balanced Tourist
Sourced: Pixabay

I would say in the future, I would like to see the option of selecting what you would like in your box. For example the essential oil is a great addition, however if you were ordering this box on a regular basis you may not need this as often. Balanced Tourist is a great idea and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to travel and maintain a healthy diet on the go.

You can find Balanced Tourist at:

Website : Balanced Tourist

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This post was done in association with Balanced Tourist, all product reviews are my own.



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