Why I love my Food Diary from The Food Diary Co.

In recent years, I’ve learnt keeping a food diary is an essential part of my journey through living with IBS. Luckily the guys at The Food Diary Co have made this gorgeous discreet diary that makes tracking so much easier.

Through the years I’ve learnt that IBS is not just food related and there are other factors in contributing towards my symptoms such as stress, lack of sleep or medication. That is where this diary from The Food Diary Company comes in handy. It’s a place to track all potential triggers.

I’ve tried out phone apps before but have never found them very effective. It’s difficult to track times, how you were actually feeling, and if there were any events on during the day that may potentially trigger your symptoms. I’ve also tried to use my on head as a tracker, but it didn’t take me long to realise that relying on my memory to identify my triggers was actually completely ineffective!

The Food Diary Co is consists of three months worth of undated diary pages, a page a day tracker, monthly round up spreads where you can list the number of good/bad days you’ve had and a notes section at the back.

Each day tracker allows you to track the date, your mood, sleep, food, symptoms, stress, drinks, medicine, exercise and notes. So, if there’s anything irritating your IBS, you’re sure to catch it on here.

With being and IBS-D sufferer, when it comes to tracking my symptoms, I’ve found an effective discreet method of doing so. You know, if ever anyone wants to be nosey and have a snoop in my diary. I use the Bristol Stool Chart and just write down the ‘number’. If you’re looking for a visual representation then feel free to click on the above link. I also find this can be helpful if you need to highlight your diary to your GP. They will be familiar with this method.

I think my favourite part of the diary is how pretty it is and how discreet the diary actually is. It’s a lovely little A5 diary that can fit perfectly in your handbag.

I know I’m am IBS blogger and am writing about my experience of this diary from my perspective, but I would highly recommend this diary for anyone suffering with health conditions.

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