Homemade hazelnut milk

Most mornings I have some sort of nut milk with my breakfast, whether it’s over some granola, added to a smoothie, in my porridge, or even just to drink. I usually buy cartons of nut milk. However, the other morning I read the carton and noticed how many additives are used in these cartons and such a low percentage of the milk contains nuts. The one I was using only contained 2%. I’ve seen a lot of people making there own nut milk so I thought I’d give it a shot. I went for hazelnut milk but I assume this recipe can be adapted to whichever nuts you’d like to use. I split my milk up into two make a chocolate milk as well.


1 cup blanched hazelnuts

2 cups water

2 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp raw cacao

Dash vanilla essence


Plain milk

I soaked the hazelnuts in water overnight. Before I used the hazelnuts for the milk, I drained out the water and rinsed them. I simply added all my ingredients minus the raw cacao into a food processor and blended for 1-2 minutes. Once this was blended I strained the mix through a jam strainer. I ordered this one from Amazon and it worked really well. The milk that has been made can be stored in a jar/bottle and put in the fridge for up to 5 days. The leftover hazelnuts can be roasted in the over for 5/10 minutes and used in baking or added to your porridge in the morning. So none of the ingredients go to waste! This was the result, it was super yummy.


Chocolate milk

To made the chocolate milk, I took halfof the mixture and added in 1 tsp of raw cacao and whisked it in. If you feel it isn’t sweet enough you can add in some more maple syrup. If you want to put all the mixture into chocolate milk, I suggest adding in more cacao. It really is that simple to make. I don’t know why it took me so long to do so.


Make sure you give the bottle a good shake before pouring the milI as it tends to separate. If you fancy giving this recipe a try, let me know how you get on. It was a big hit in my house!

ST x

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