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I recently wrote a blog post on why I need downtime days when dealing with the day to day struggles of having IBS. I have decided to focus on some self care strategies to get me help reduce my stress and anxiety and hopefully improve my overall wellbeing.

If you’re an IBS sufferer then I’m sure you know the importance of diet when suffering with digestive issues. But it is also SO important to look after yourself too. That’s why I’ve decided to embark on a little mission to review some self care products – lucky me!!

Now, I’m a big fan of natural products as I feel that it’s so important to use less chemicals. I don’t believe they are good for us or the environment. I’ve made it my mission to source products that fit this bill. I will be reviewing five different businesses over the next five weeks, giving an honest review after sampling these self-care products myself.

Organdle - Self Care
Sourced from Organdle Healthy Living

I’m starting with a Scottish Company called Organdle Healthy living. Here’s a little bit about Organdle…

“Organdle is an original, truly unmissable and unequivocal unique brand when it comes to all natural, all organic designer candles. It is not just their sheer eloquence in a clear and striking array that adds to the value of these hand poured thought out magical blends of beauty, it is also the wellbeing benefits that each range of candles offer that manage to simply remedy and heal some of the most common of ailments by their 100% natural organic oil in authentically detailed infusions.
Vegan friendly, unadulterated and wholesomely organic these exclusive candles are embraced in an elegant and ethical, economy friendly cotton bag. Their full bodied creamy soy wax set encases luxurious oils that even unlit project an uplifting and refreshing countenance.”


Sourced from Organdle Healthy Living website.

Organdle - Self Care
Sourced from Organdle Healthy Living


I chose the Serenity candle as it claims to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. This is exactly what I was looking for when looking for some self care products.

The candle arrived beautifully packaged in a lovely white economy friendly cotton bag (perfect for if you are giving this product as a gift) and you could smell it immediately. The Serenity candle is infused with organic essential oils including Lavender, Geranium (Rose) and Cedarwood which according to Organdle’s website helps to soothe your mind and body, relieving both from stress, anxiety and tension while affiliating a sweet floral aroma that is peaceful, grounding and effectively calming. I was sold! You know when you receive a gift and you immediately know you’re going to love it, well that’s how I felt about this candle and I hadn’t even burned it yet.

I decided to pour myself a lovely hot bubble bath and light my candle and oh boy did it deliver! The lovely scent filled the room and it was so relaxing. I think this is definitely going to become part of my new self care routine. It is also so nice to know you’re not breathing in any nasty chemicals.

Organdle - Self Care

I am absolutely delighted with my Serenity candle and I can’t wait to try out the other candles. The Serenity candle came in at £29.99 and has 40 hours burning time. Organdle has miniatures and tealights for sale also. So, if you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one of these. They really are beautiful, would sit well in any room, and in my opinion, it’s so lovely to support a small local business, that has a vested interest in being eco-friendly!

You can shop Organdle Healthy Living candles here.

Organdle - Self Care

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